Faith Tabernacle Transformation & Development, Inc.


Faith Tabernacle Transformation Development Corporation

Historical Background

The Faith Tabernacle Transformation and Development Corporation (FTTD) is the vision of the progressive members of the Faith Tabernacle Church (FTC), of Lancaster Pennsylvania.  Faith communities in America have better success results and lower per service costs for providing social services to their communities.  With this knowledge in mind we established a separate faith based community focused nonprofit arm with a 501(c) 3 educational assistance corporation designation. This has allowed us to do more with greater effectiveness through broader based community resources. 

FTTD Vision Statement

The Faith Tabernacle Transformation Development Corporation will serve the whole person, family and the South East Lancaster community. FTTD will serve   educational, emotional, relational, and nutritional needs. This will be done with moral and financial integrity, teamwork, trust, transparency, respect and confidentiality.

FTTD Mission Statement

            The Mission of the Faith Tabernacle Transformation and Development Corporation is to provide the South East Lancaster community 1) educational support, 2) mentoring relationships to encourage successful life recovery 3) distribution of food 4) resources and encouragement to youth for positive life choices. This will be done while remaining true to our core services and neighborhood constituents.

Current Programs

Home Work Help

“Home Work Help” offers assistance to students and families to successfully complete home assignments after school.  The academic support tradition of the FTC and FTTD extends over fifteen years. The program currently runs Monday evenings. The program serves a meal to each participant and offers age appropriate enrichment activities for students from 1st through 12th grades, including conflict resolution teaching, guests speakers from all walks of life and professions.  Our current goals are to positively impact PSSA scores and grade point averages for student attending our program.

Youth Program

Over several decades we have developed successful church based programs that have helped dozens of young people from our community to successfully navigate the challenges faced by contemporary youth.  Many have gone on to careers in ministry, business, politics and higher education.  All these young people got assistance in their journeys through love, support, teaching and scholarships (totaling thousands of dollars). The youth leadership is currently seeking wider expression on the streets, by working with the Lancaster Violent Crime Reduction Initiative.  This is an alternative sentencing program for first time drug crime offenders.

The program offers education, training and employment and a second chance, instead of a long stay in the penitentiary.

Mentoring Program

For over eighteen years the F. T. Church has visited the local homeless shelter on a monthly basis and prisoners on a frequent basis.  We have developed a strong Men’s Fellowship that mentors men recovering from homelessness, addiction and incarceration. Many men’s lives have been helped and family relationships restored or created.  These men now offer others the same connected intentional regular communication that brings integrity through mutual accountability.  

Currently, FTTD is seeking to strengthen, expand and formalize mentoring as one of our core competencies, multiplying its impact in our community.

Food Distribution

Annual Distribution of food baskets began small ten or more years ago.  In the past several years hundreds of families have received turkey dinner boxes with all the trimmings from the FTC site. This has been possible due to partnerships with the local homeless shelter and other community partners who have trusted FTTD to share our joint resources with the less fortunate at Thanks Giving and Christmas.  Currently we seek to explore expanding the food distribution through a food pantry.


For internship opportunities with the FTTD organization contact:

Pastor Gerald Simmons, M. Div. MS

President of Faith Tabernacle Transformation Development Corp.

665 S. Ann St. Lancaster PA 17602